Summer Meltdown: 4 calming tips for your dogs

by Hallo Paw


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Why summer meltdown happens in dogs?

Summer is the time for fun, outdoor activities, beach parties, and vacations, etc. But not everyone is as excited for summers as everyone else. Dogs are example of that and in fact, summer meltdowns are quite common among dogs. There are various reasons behind that. Summers bring rainstorms, thunders, and lightening. Such weather fosters anxiety, fear, and nervousness among dogs. Also, in summers dog owners usually go out on vacations and can’t always take their dogs along. This owner-separation induced anxiety also leads to meltdown in dogs. For calming your dog’s agitated nerves there are various tips and hemp-calming treats and chews available in the market. We shall talk about them later in this article.

Dog calming techniques and medicines:

For calming your dogs, you can use different treatments ranging from medicines, dog supplements, exercise, sports, etc. These calming medicines use hemp as one of their main ingredients. While there is no definitive scientific study on this subject, hemp-calming medicines are gaining wide acceptance and popularity. Hemp has anti-inflammatory properties and can help in pain, seizure, anxiety, nausea, etc. You have to consider the dosage of such calming treats and chews, carefully go through their ingredients, check their authenticity, and take into account their side effects.

Table on dog calming tips:



Progressively increase the intake of dog supplement

Fix a schedule of dosage, stick to it and look for any side effects.

Be aware of the side effects

If any side effect shows up, stop the dosage immediately

Use a tested product

Use as per your vet’s advice or follow instructions given on it.

Don’t go for sleep inducing dog supplements

Check the level of sedatives and consult your vet to know if that level is ok


We will now briefly discuss five essential tips given in the table above that you should keep in mind before giving hemp calming treats and chews.

4 tips for calming dogs with hemp soft chew dog supplements

1- Progressively increase the intake of dog supplement:

As we discussed earlier, there is little hardcore scientific data to determine the efficacy of hemp oil in curing various ailments, so you need to be careful in feeding it to your dog. First, give it a small dose and observe the dog's reaction; if it does not display any irrational behavior, you can increase the amount. While the hemp won't cause your dog any high, you can expect reactions like vomit, diarrhea, liver malfunction, etc. If any such symptoms appear and persist, rush your dog to the nearest vet.

2- Be aware of the side effects:

 There is little study done on dogs about the possible side effects of hemp on their bodies. But from what data we have, we can gather that there could be side effects in dogs, and you need to be aware of them. The potential sides effects in a dog when you give it a hemp-based dog supplement can be;

  • Dry mouth
  • Drop-in blood pressure
  • Lethargy and sleepiness
  • Risk of Parkinson disease's flutter
  • Constraint in drug metabolism

3- Use a tested product:

You may wonder how to find a certified product that may calm down your dog during the summer. Let us help.

Hallo Paw is seeking for creating premium quality dog supplements that are ideal for the wholesome health of your furry friend. This calming treats are what your dog needs to fight anxiety and other health issues.

It is full of nutritional value, and almost all the ingredients are organic and included at their most optimum scientifically recommended intake levels. You will find all the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, and GLA.

Not to mention it has hemp seed powder and hemp seed oil that are rich in proteins. While making these dog supplements, the company has added no water, no pressure, and no excess heat treatment to preserve the vitality of these ingredients. These calming chews and treats weigh equal to one sugar cube and are approximately 2.2 gm each.

They are available in bacon flavor which is one of the most popular tastes among all breeds of dogs. Each jar of these calming chews and treats contains 120 chews, and they are enough to last for four months in the case of a small breed, 2 months for a medium-sized breed, and 1 month for a large breed. You can also consult your vet about the dosage. He may prescribe according to the health, age, and specific breed of your dog

4- Don’t go for sleep inducing dog supplements:

Sometimes, the dog owners, in a bit of desperation to calm their dogs go for do supplements that have sedatives and drowsing agents. Please avoid them. They do more harm than good in the long run. Besides, you are looking to calm your dog not put it to sleep. So, avoid such chews that have more than the prescribed amount of sedatives. You can consult your vet in this regard.


The use of hemp as a calming ingredients in dog supplements is growing fast. These supplements are made in small and soft cubes that the dog can chew like a bone or any other food. These supplements carry other beneficial ingredients as well and come in a variety of flavors. They are meant to keep your dogs’ calm and composed, especially in summer meltdowns. Dogs love them, and it is no wonder that they have been given the fancy name of calming treats and chews.